About Us

Our Experience Shines


NDC DIAMONDS is a family company owned and operated by Noam and Dganit Drori, based in Redmond, Washington.

Noam Drori was born and raised in Israel. He is second generation in the Israeli Diamond Industry and is a member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange. Noam started his way in the diamond industry cutting and polishing diamonds at his family factory. He continued as an independent broker at the Israeli Diamond Industry, working with companies in Israel, India, and the United States. For the last thirteen years Noam specialized in the U.S diamond market selling, buying and trading.

NDC DIAMONDS is dedicated to providing personalized customer service and exceeding customers’ expectations. Each diamond in NDC inventory is personally hand-picked and examined by Noam Drori.  Complete information is available on every single diamond that NDC DIAMONDS has to offer.